The Affordable System for Doweling Tiered Cakes
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Dear Sir or Madam,
Thank you for expressing interest in Cake-Jacks, The Adjustable Dowel Rod. Once you try them, you will find them to be the most valuable means of supporting a wedding cake. They have proven to be dependable and easy to use. Simply adjust the screws of all the Cake-Jacks on one layer to the desired height for that layer.

3" Cake Jacks adjust to 4-1/4"
3-1/2" Cake Jacks adjust to 4-3/4"
4" Cake Jacks adjust to 5-1/4"

Because they are totally portable, they can be used to support top ornaments, even after the cake has been set up. Whether you make wedding cakes or simple sheet cakes with cakes stacked on top, you find that Cake Jacks are so quick and easy to use. Try them - you will love them!

Cake Jacks Order Form
Each set contains (6) Cake Jacks
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C. J. Enterprise
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_____ Sets of 3" Cake Jacks        @ $5.25

_____ Sets of 3-1/2" Cake Jacks @ $5.25

_____ Sets of 4" Cake Jacks        @ $5.25

Shipping and Handling:

  1 set   $2.75
  2 sets $3.00
  3 sets $3.50
  4 sets $3.75
  5 sets $4.50
  6 sets $5.00

Special Arrangements:

If you would like to pay by PayPal or have special shipping requirements please call us for the best service.